All these benefits may be captured for the people of Kent County with a small change in habits. Just one time out of ten, before heading to a chain store or restaurant, take that business to a local. We believe quality, service, and value for the dollar will be their own reward, but that small act will strengthen the local economy and build a better, more sustainable Greater Grand Rapids.
— Local Works! study

A ten percent shift to local spending creates a massive economic impact!

A cornerstone of the Go Local movement is a study by Civic Economics for the Local First organization in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Entitled "Local Works! Examining the impact of local business on the West Michigan Economy," the study finds a stunning impact to the local economy if just 10 percent of the market share is moved from national chains to locally owned businesses.

In a population of about 770,000, this 10% shift in spending creates:

  • $137 million in new economic activity.

  • Over 1,600 new jobs.

  • Over $50 million in new wages.

Below is a list of resources donated by communities participating in localism strategies.

Local Purchasing Agreement: this is a sample resolution for a procurement policy.