Shift 10% of your spending!

Shift your shopping to a locally owned business and help your local economy.

Shift the Way You Shop

Shifting your spending doesn't cost more - it just takes a little effort!

Shift the Way You Source

If you own a business, shift your sourcing. Every time you shift, you are helping with North Dakota's recovery.

Shift the Way You Spend  

If you are on a non-profit board, make the commitment to shift the way you spend.

What’s the economic impact for your county?

New dollars recirculating

A 10% shift in local spending can generate approximately $178 in new economic activity for every person that makes the 10% Shift!

New jobs & local wages

For every 500 residents that Shift just 10% of their spending back into local businesses, approximately 1 new job is created and $3,250 in new wages is generated.

A small shift makes a big difference

If just half of the residents in the Vision West ND region made the 10% shift:

  • Over $19 million in new economic activity would be generated.
  • 217 new jobs would be created. 
  • $702,000 in new wages would be earned.

(2015 Population total for Vision West ND region – 217,041 with 108,520 participating = $19,316,649 in new economic activity. Estimates based on the results experienced in Grand Rapids, MI.)

How do you know if you’ve shifted 10%?


What's 10% for me?

We recognize that there are just some things you may not be able to purchase locally. So, think of the items you can get locally.

  • Are you purchasing those items out of town because “you’re already there?” Before making an online purchase, or picking the item up while you’re out of town, ask yourself, “Can I get that here at home?”

  • Are you assuming that some items are “cheaper” because they’re from Amazon or a discount chain? Double check. Make sure. You might be pleasantly surprised!

  • Fill up the tank in town!

  • Ask your local gift shop if they’ll ship a gift for you, instead of ordering and having it shipped online.

  • Let your local grocer know about the items you’d like to get locally.

  • Take a look at your weekly budget. How much did you spend on groceries? Was at least 10% of that spent in your community?

Pledge to Shift 10%

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