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1) Divide

2) Golden Valley

3) Mercer

4) Dunn

5) Mountrail

10% Shift = A Big Lift for Your Community


The Shift the Way You Shop Challenge!

Each community in the Vision West ND region is invited to join the Shift the Way You Shop Challenge! Vision West ND understands the tremendous economic impact of supporting local businesses. Because we are committed to building and diversifying our local economies, we are issuing a challenge to all communities within our region to shift 10% of your spending back into local products and services. We will track individual pledges to shift 10% by county of residence. The county that receives the highest percentage of individual pledges based on county population will be the winner!

What does the winning county receive? Bragging rights of course, but more importantly, that county will see the greatest economic impact in local taxes collected, money circulated, jobs created and new wages generated!

  • A 10% shift in local spending can generate approximately $178 in new economic activity for every person that makes the 10% Shift!

  • For every 1,000 residents that Shift just 10% of their spending back into local businesses, 2 jobs are created and $6,500 in new wages is generated.

  • If just half of the residents in the Vision West ND region made the 10% Shift that would generate over $19 mil in new economic activity, 217 new jobs would be created and $702,000 in new wages!! (2015 Population total for Vision West ND region – 217,041. Half of that 108,520 new economic activity = $19,316,649)

The challenge begins May 1, 2017 and runs through August 31, 2017. So make your pledge today and check back every Friday when the Leaderboard is updated to see how your county is doing!

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