Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do you define what’s “local?”

A: For pilot communities, the definition and geography of local is determined by those individual communities. As a part of the GoLocal ND! Project each pilot community is determining their own local geography. Some are using their municipal boundaries, some are identifying their local trade area and some are identifying the entire county as “local.” This is a community decision and an important discussion for each community to have.

For the GoLocal ND! Project, we have for now, defined the “local” region as the Vision West ND region of the 19 western counties that Vision West ND represents.

For businesses, we identify “local” business as:

1.       Business that is privately held (not publicly traded.)

2.       At least 50% or greater of the business owners live in North Dakota.

3.       Business corporate headquarters are in North Dakota.

4.       Business makes independent decisions regarding the name and look of the business, as well as all business purchasing practices and distribution.

5.       Business pays all its own rent, marketing expenses and other expenses.

6.       For locally-owned franchises, businesses that source 50 % or more of their goods and/or services from other local business.

Q: What are the sources you used for estimating impact?

A: GoLocal ND! Partners and works with several other state and national organizations in sharing data and research. You can find specific studies under the Economic Studies Page. Collaborating organizations include Local First Arizona (LFA), Business Alliance for Local Living Economies (BALLE). Other organizations used as resources: Institute for Local Self-Reliance (ILSR), American Independent Business Alliance (AMIBA).