When we are building communities, it is important to recognize our natural assets and maximize their potential. When trying to invest in its natural capital, the community can focus attention to

  • To improve utilization of natural resources
  • To preserve and enhance the beauty of nature by organizing and using trails and parks
  • To protect the environment and improve the services that nature provides.

One key measure under natural capital is the air quality index, which reports current pollution levels as wells as forecasting future levels.

Use this link to access some great graphs and tables on air quality by county and by micro- and metropolitan areas. Here is a sampling.

Note: A value of N/A indicates that data does not exist or has been suppressed because too few days were monitored.

Source: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

You can also find more natural capital information on climate change health threats in ND, ND agricultural weather network, and a web soil survey at

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