NDCF Community Giving

Projects that strengthen and deepen the roots of our communities have always counted on generous people to give of their time, expertise and treasure. However a large amount of value can leave a community as populations and businesses come and go, and if there is no cost-effective structure to allow Legacies to be established. The NDCF offers financial professionals, individuals, businesses, schools, and non-profits, multi-faceted community-based tools and resources to establish new funds or to grow existing ones that NDCF currently manages. This helps residents and others who once called the area home with simple solutions to create a Legacy for current and future generations.


In many communities a fund and its local foundation committee exists. Not every community is as lucky, so if a community doesn’t have a foundation, the NDCF has tools to help understand your vision, get it organized into a plan, and walk with you to create a fund you and your community will be proud of. Our goal is to see every county or community grow substantial long-term resources to fund community quality of life projects year after year.


The next step?  Request more confidential information. Contact john@ndcf.net, NDCF development director for Western ND.


With over 600 community foundations across the state, one may fit your need or desire. If not, we can help establish one. Go to the following link to find a community foundation in your area.



For Foundations specific to the GoLocal! ND pilot communities, go to the following:

Bottineau:  https://ndcf.net/learn/community-endowment-funds/bottineau.html

Bowman: https://ndcf.net/learn/community-endowment-funds/bowmanslope.html

Dunn County: https://ndcf.net/learn/community-endowment-funds/killdeer.html

Golden Valley: https://ndcf.net/learn/community-endowment-funds/goldenvalleycounty.html

Kenmare: https://ndcf.net/learn/community-endowment-funds/kenmare.html

Stanley: https://ndcf.net/learn/community-endowment-funds/stanley.html


A foundation has not yet been formed in the pilot communities of Beulah, Crosby, Hazen & Underwood.