Making the Case for Local

With North Dakota facing a labor shortage, the case for local businesses and job creation seems irrelevant. But there are numerous other reasons to support and attract local businesses in your community.

Prosperity- Because local businesses spend more of their money locally, they generate a stronger “economic multiplier effect” giving the entire community more “bang for their buck.”

Social Mobility- Local businesses create more opportunities for entrepreneurship, which then provides market-based ladders for the disadvantaged to move out of poverty.

Tourism- One-of-a-kind stores, restaurants and shops give a community character and authenticity which attracts nonlocal customers like tourists.

Smart Growth- The smaller size of local businesses can facilitate mixed-use neighborhoods and walkable communities.

Social Responsibility- The presence of local owners in your community means they are more susceptible to community values by other stakeholders— consumers, investors, workers, suppliers — for responsible corporate behavior.

Civil Society- Sociological research shows that communities with a density of local businesses have a stronger civil society and that their members are more involved in politics, volunteering and citizen-led change.