A Hearty Thank You

In America, food supplies are taken for granted. Fortunately, empty grocery store shelves is not a concern in our culture. Thanks to the hard work of farmers and ranchers, . These hard-working men and women get up everyday knowing they have a long day of work ahead of them, and choose every single day, to do the chores that need to be done so that there will be food on the table. They supply not only food for their own family, but for all of America so that people can work jobs that have nothing to do with agriculture, jobs that they like better.

Not only do they work extremely hard, but they have to be able to run all aspects of their business with very little input from outside sources. Most jobs require a very specific skill set, but farmers and ranchers have to be very well rounded!


Our farmers and ranchers are responsible for providing nutrition to our own country and others. Those are some big boots to fill! However, we know they are more than capable, for, they have already been doing it. Thank you to our producers for feeding us! We do appreciate it, even if we are not good at showing it.