Connecting to Your Community By Honoring the Past

Most of us know and understand there is a multiplier effect associated with spending your money with local businesses and keeping that money circulating in the local economy. But just focusing on where we spend our money would be short-sighted in understanding how localism works and what it does for us as individuals and as a community. GoLocal! ND is about all things local. It’s about the local connections and relationships we build within the communities where we live, raise our families, volunteer and socialize. It’s about recognizing our connectedness and how much we love the community we live in.

With Memorial Day coming up, GoLocal! is about the men and women in our own communities who have sacrificed their lives in service to our country. Our connection to these men and women is often overlooked and can be taken for granted. We live free of tyranny and dictatorship because of these amazing individuals who have paid the ultimate price for the freedoms we enjoy today!

Here are some suggestions for Going Local! this Memorial Day.

1) Visit a cemetery in your community. Do a little clean up. Find a Veteran’s headstone, jot down the name and then do a little research on that Vet to learn more about them.

2) Share a story about a Veteran from your family or community who gave their lives in service to our country. Share it on social media or in response to this blog.

3) Fly the American Flag in your yard and at your business.

4) Find out the significance of poppies and how they became the symbol of sacrifice for those who gave their lives in battle.

Honoring those who sacrificed their lives is very much a Local thing. Remembering and learning about these remarkable men and women will enrich our lives and make us feel more connected and at home in the communities where we live.

Whatever your community does to celebrate and honor Memorial Day, get out and participate! Be a part of your community and GoLocal!