A match made in heaven!

While you and a local business are the real match, we are proud to announce that we have made a relationship with “Independentwestand.org”. This site has SO many resources available to anyone who has any interest in buying local or creating awareness for the topic. We are extra excited to announce this, because not only did we become members, but because they looked at our website and saw the awesome things we have been doing (with all of your help), they have bumped us up to a Premium membership.

Big thank you to them, and a huge shout out to everyone who has been involved in GoLocal!ND and Vision West ND to help make them realize how amazing we are.

Click on the image to go to their website.

Here is what they are all about taken right from their website:

“Independent We Stand is all about independently owned businesses across the country reaching out to their communities and educating their neighbors about the many benefits of "buying local."