What is Localism

Localism is grounded in the belief that relationships matter most. The way we interact where we live – who we do business with – how we connect with people, other life, the land – all of it matters!


It Starts

with You

It begins with how you see the world and extends to relationships in your business and with your community, and the actions you take to strengthen the fabric of the place you live.

Act Local First

  • support local production for local needs, celebrate the unique, choose local

Accelerate Collaboration

  • coordinated support for entrepreneurs and change makers

Share Ownership

  • move economic control from distant corporations to local communities

Shift Capital

  • keep more of your money in your community

Co-Create Policy

  • advocate for policies that level the playing field, particularly for local business

Cultivate Connection

  • transition from “me” to “we”


Source: BALLE: bealocalist.org