Main Street is the big stage of every community.

Why? Because no matter what its name, Main Street is the traditional center of cultural, social and economic activity of your community. Main Streets tells us who we are and who we were. They are places of shared memory where we connect to each other and to our values.

Communities with high levels of connectedness have higher GDP growth than communities where there are fewer opportunities to connect. Residents who love where they live vote more and volunteer more! So support your Main Street businesses!

For more information on community connectedness, check out the Soul of the Community Study conducted by the Knight Foundation.

Shift to a locally owned business and help your local economy.

GoLocal! ND is a locally-focused initiative facilitated by Vision West ND to create awareness about the economic and social advantages of planning, shopping, and promoting your own community.

When you spend here, your money stays here.

Whether you're shopping for food, grabbing a quick item from a store, or searching for a local service provider, a simple shift on your part can help support and improve the quality of life for everyone.


  • Understanding connection to place and the value of hometown pride
  • Smoke-stack chasing: why it doesn’t work for most communities
  • Exploring opportunities to capture economic leakage
  • Focusing on business retention and expansion to create a diverse and vibrant local economy
  • Leveraging your community’s uniqueness
  • Investing in your business corridor: understanding the value chain


  • People are willing to sacrifice salary for the ideal community
  • Jobs Follow People
  • Communities with the highest rates of resident attachment report the highest GDP growth
  • Small, independent businesses represent 51% of the U.S. GDP at $8.6 Trillion
  • Up to 90% of net new jobs in the U.S. are created by locally-owned businesses
  • Main Street really matters! Main streets containing a mix of older, smaller buildings of diverse age support greater levels of positive economic and social activity than areas dominated by newer, larger buildings
  • Localism is telling your story!


Read our blog for information on alternatives to online shopping, as well as resources to help you support your local Main Street!